Digital Imaging Products and Accessories are all in safe hands now…


    Innovative products that make life safer and more comfortable for you to be happy and peaceful in every environment you work and live in.


    You’re safe now. Our products, equipped with the latest technologies, are constantly recording their lives.


    NECVOX, who thinks you can better pass every second you spend in your car, quality, with high resolution and wide service network all over the world not only in Turkey now.


    Communicate with your car and be in control. Easily track your individual or corporate network with the latest technology and user-friendly interface. Get more comfortable, safer and more economical driving pleasure with us.

Thanks to the value we give to our people and the superior technology we create, to meet national and global needs, the creation of brand value in order to gain customer loyalty and strive constantly to become one of Turkey’s leading institutions.


The happiness of our customers is very important to us. For this reason, we see praise or criticism as a constructive force that motivates and accelerates us. This is also what helps us improve our product quality, services, and project management.

Gürkan ZorerGeneral Managerwww.essegrup.com

I admire this company’s technology for its speed of follow-up and its agility to produce solutions. I am also very happy that they are using funny driving and enjoyable driving pleasure. It seems that they will continue to lead with a wide range of product and dynamic employees.

Zeliha AytaçMarketing Expert Sweden

Who are we? What are we doing?

ESSE GRUP, which presents consumers with the superior electronic technology of today with “unconditional customer satisfaction” principle; development and value to human beings as the key to the future.

Experienced managers in the sector have become the industry leader by rapidly growing with the synergy created by more than 100 staff and sales team with sufficient technical equipment in all kinds of solutions and projects.

With its manufacturing plant and internationally renowned companies, it also has many successful corporate projects.

Esse Group products serve with Solution Partners

Eco-Friendly Products

As a highly ecologically sensitive and environmentally conscious company, we strive to make the best use of our knowledge and technology to deliver “new life” to electronic devices, fittings.

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Social Responsibility Projects

Turkey realized that the environment and social responsibility projects, training, we assist to culture and art.

Sport Activities

We provide sponsorship projects and contribute to the development of sports in Turkey with several tournaments we participate with all our staff.

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